Functions of the URDN

FUNCTIONSFunctions of the URDN

Knowledge collection, exchange and analysis

Facilitation of thematic and analytical analysis and exchanges between rural development stakeholders, and the sharing and dissemination of findings and recommendations aimed at promoting the introduction of taregted rural development policies, programs and projects at all levels (initially focused uponregional piloting); and the collection,sharing and dissemination of rural development policy, program and project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) findings aimed at improving on-going policy implementation and guiding future program design;

Knowledge sharing, awareness-raising and communication

To collect, analyse and promote relevant Ukrainian and European examples of rural development in action; and to facilitate information sharing and publicity of rural development opportunities and achievements to both potential beneficiaries and the broader public; and provision of networking and information services for advisors & support services to improve uptake of successful rural development initiatives;

Training and capacity building

Provision of training, networking and support to promote rural development, general networking activities and the formation and development of local rural community based groups and assistance in the design and implementation of local development strategies (LDSs);

Cooperation and networking

Participation in and contribution to relevant national and regional networking activities in support of rural development (possibly linked to trans-national, cross-border initiatives).