Network structure

Network structure is a form of collective efforts based on voluntary interaction of its members by combining their interests, resources, competencies and potential opportunities.

The network unite together self-determined, independent entities to achieve specific goals through the implementation of the common mission for all its partners. The main goal of the mission rely on creating a favorable environment that will enable every entity to achieve its objectives without any duplication or substitution of each other. This network is open and has a flexible configuration that can be changed.

There are functioning specifics of the network structure: 

  • every participant has to realize that the overall long-term goal can be achieved with highest result by each entity through networking;
  • voluntary relationships among network members;
  • partners are responsible for achieving the ultimate goal which commits them constantly interact with each other remaining independent;
  • many leaders are present and they complement one another by their knowledge and competence providing stability and flexibility of the network;
  • multiple character of interactions, where each member of the network can directly establish contacts with other participants.

Leading national public associations that operate in rural area, work for  rural population and strengthen farming economic model in the country initiated the Ukrainian Network of Rural Development. The founders of the Public Union “Ukrainian Network of Rural Development” are:

All-Ukrainian public organization “Association of Farmers and Private Landowners of Ukraine”;

All-Ukrainian public organization “Association of National Agricultural Extension Services of Ukraine”;

All-Ukrainian public organization “Union for Promotion of Rural Green Tourism in Ukraine”;

All-Ukrainian public organization “Union of Agricultural Service Cooperatives of Ukraine”;

All-Ukrainian association of municipal governance “All-Ukrainian Association of Rural and Village councils”;

NGO ” Knowledge Platform – Agricultural Development and Rural Innovations”.